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• XML Conversion

• ePub Creation

• References Information Tagging

• Metadata Creation

• XML, ePub, SGML, HTML to XML

• TeX/LaTeX/Mathml in XML

• DTD CSS/XSLT Creation

• Backend Solutions and Technology for books.

• Create your own customized interface to sell eBooks online.

• eBook Library

• eBook Reader

• Mobile Apps

Scanning & Typesetting

• Scanning

• Print on Demand (POD)

• Text under image PDF

• Refurbish InDesign

• Conventional Typesetting

• Webready PDF Creation

• Format Object

• Online QA of Books, Journals, Documents etc.

• Content Proofing

• Website & Mobile Apps QA/Testing

Graphic Design

• Cover Creation

• Image Processing

• Creating Vector images

• Image Editing


• Aggregators

• Your Own Library

• Other Libraries

• Printer for Printing

At the heart of our success lies the unwavering satisfaction of our clients. With over 20000 books under our belt, we have demonstrated our expertise in creating complex to super complex interactive content for various publishers.






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Streamlined Fulfillment: By defining your unique value proposition and creating a consistent brand identity, we ensure your business stands out and remains memorable in the minds of your target audience.

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Reduced Resource Expenditure: Collaborating with a single vendor offers the advantage of efficiency by reducing the need for extensive effort, time, and financial resources in managing multiple vendors.

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Focus on Business Expansion: The complexities of managing multiple vendors contribute to heightened expenditure of effort, finances, and time, impacting the publisher’s overall productivity and profitability.


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    Our quality policy at SCTLabs ensures the delivery of exclusive and highly accurate data with a minimum accuracy rate of 99.995%, fostering customer preference for outsourcing jobs to us. We specialize in capturing textual data from various sources with precision and confidentiality, including printed matter, manuscripts, scanned images, and web research. With expertise in handling complex, time-critical, and cost-sensitive projects, we aim to internalize the principles of “First Time Right,” “Enhance Customer Value,” and “Exceed Client Expectations.” We continuously strive to improve our processes and methodologies to lower costs and enhance deliverable quality, exceeding customers’ expectations to become their first choice for additional business. Our collaborative work environment promotes integrity, courtesy, and fairness, ensuring the successful implementation of our quality policy by dedicated team members.