SCTLabs specializes in data conversion projects, transforming both paper-based media and electronic files into various digital formats with precision and efficiency. With a dedicated team possessing expertise in XML, HTML, LMS, EPUB conversion, OCR, book scanning, and more, SCTLabs offers end-to-end solutions tailored to clients’ specific needs. Leveraging advanced technologies and industry knowledge, SCTLabs delivers high-quality services for publishers across various sectors, ensuring seamless eBook production, composition, and distribution. With a focus on accuracy and client satisfaction, SCTLabs comprehensive services cover a wide range of publishing needs, from academic journals to multicolor books, while maintaining effective communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Data Conversion

Our services offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for transforming and enhancing digital content. From XML Conversion to ePub Creation, we specialize in efficiently converting various file formats, ensuring compatibility and accessibility across platforms. Additionally, we provide References Information Tagging and Metadata Creation services, enriching content with structured data for improved organization and searchability. Our expertise extends to XML, ePub, SGML, HTML transformations, including TeX/LaTeX/Mathml to XML conversions, facilitating seamless integration and compatibility. Furthermore, we offer JSON to XML and XML to JSON conversions, enabling interoperability between different data formats. With our proficiency in DTD, CSS/XSLT Creation, we ensure the integrity and consistency of content presentation and formatting, delivering tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Testing and QA

Our Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) services encompass a comprehensive approach tailored to digital content, covering online QA for various materials such as books, journals, LMS and documents. We ensure the accuracy and integrity of content through meticulous Content Proofing, guaranteeing error-free material. Additionally, our expertise extends to QA and Testing for websites and mobile apps, ensuring seamless functionality and user experience across different platforms. With a focus on enhancing quality and reliability, we provide holistic solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the digital landscape.

Advanced Document Scanning and Typesetting

SCTLabs offers advanced document scanning and imaging services, catering to a diverse range of industries. Our services encompass scanning of documents, drawings, microfilms, and photographs, with options for bulk scanning, OCR, and PDF conversion. Additionally, we excel in typesetting, providing comprehensive solutions for complex digital content tasks, including XML workflows for InDesign, 3B2, LaTeX, and FrameMaker. Our typesetting composition covers various formats and languages, ensuring customized layouts tailored to client preferences. With a focus on quality and client satisfaction, SCTLabs delivers flawless results, making us the preferred choice for publishers, authors, and businesses seeking exceptional document management and typesetting services.

Technology for eBook Sales and Management

In the digital realm of eBook distribution, cutting-edge technology empowers creators to fashion bespoke interfaces for selling eBooks through cloud-based eBook Stores and mobile applications. These platforms are fortified with robust Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems, ensuring stringent protection against data piracy. Additionally, they offer sophisticated user control mechanisms, enabling creators to manage access and permissions efficiently. Furthermore, the technology facilitates granular sales options, allowing for the sale of individual chapters, enhancing flexibility and convenience for both creators and consumers.

Graphic Design

SCTLabs Graphic Design services provide tailored solutions for clients seeking captivating visual content. Specializing in cover creation, our designers meticulously craft eye-catching designs for publications and digital platforms. We excel in image processing, bringing concepts to life with vibrant visuals that resonate with audiences. SCTLabs also shines in creating vector images, delivering crisp designs across various applications. Our expertise in image editing ensures every visual element is polished to perfection. With SCTLabs, clients can expect excellence in all aspects of visual communication.


SCTLabs Distribution services offer a seamless pathway for content dissemination, ensuring clients’ creations reach their intended audiences effectively. Through partnerships with leading aggregators like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google, etc., SCTLabs facilitates broad distribution across multiple platforms, increasing visibility and accessibility. Clients can also utilize SCTLabs’ expertise to organize and manage content in their own library infrastructure for optimal reach. With access to a vast network of other libraries and offering printing services for tangible formats, SCTLabs provides a comprehensive suite of services to maximize content reach and impact across digital and physical realms.